How To Get A Bigger List, A Best Selling Book & More Influence (Even if You Have No Time And Zero Experience) in Less Than 90 Days

Complete Video, Audio & eBook training Course: Over 20 Hours Training

Dear entrepreneur,

Have you experienced any of the following as an entrepreneur, coach or business owner?

  • The Feast-Famine cycle of clients
  • Worrying about where your next client is going to come from
  • Not having enough prospects in your marketing funnels
  • Making offers that get ignored as the timing is never right for the prospects that you have

ThenYou're A Coach, Author, Entrepreneur Who Needs a Responsive Email List, AND a Best-Selling Book For Better Business Positioning & Increased Influence

Back in the summer one of our Niche List, Big Influence Graduates grew their email list from zero to 110 in 3 days without Facebook ads. Another earned 10k from her email marketing challenge (which she runs completely hands off) and a third has just passed the 3k mark in her Facebook group and is over the moon... Because they'd all tried email challenges in the past  - and they didn't work! 

Our Email Marketing Challenge Program is Different - It Works!

Niche List, Big Influence Gives You The Warm & Engaged Email List

Every successful business owner has a list of warm prospects that they can nurture to make sales. If you had a pipeline filled with warm leads what would your business look like? Visualise your emails getting opened and your reader hitting reply, and a conversation about your business starting easily and effortlessly - Niche List, Big Influence enables this scenario to become a reality

Niche List Big Influence Gives You The How-To

Every expert has a book, often a best-selling one. But you don't have the time or the know-how to write a book. Can you imagine having an Amazon Best Selling book in your zone of genius in less than 90 days (with very little extra work)? You'll love Niche List. Big Influence because you'll discover the secrets to leveraging your book!

You prefer to go about your business without the hype

You know you need a bigger email list, and you're not prepared to compromise your ethics, or sell your soul in order to obtain it. Niche List, Big Influence will give you the big picture of email marketing to increase your influence and the other components you need to go with it.

Have the "how-to" at the tip of your fingers!

From how to choose your email provider, to how to set up your autoresponder to how to build your optin page to how to create your best selling book, Niche List, Big Influence shows you how to do the things you need to do in order to make your challenge work. No stone is left unturned, this is a comprehensive training course that gets you where you need to go.

The Niche List, Big Influence Course Contains:

5 Video Modules that will help you uncover the secrets of creating a challenge to market your business and increase your influence
Creating Your Own Sphere of Influence on Social Media

Discover how to set up your Facebook group for maximum visibility and brand it for your business. You'll also learn how to optimise your group for maximum discovery

Creating Your Best-Selling Book! 

Using all that you've learned so far to create a lead generating best-selling book to add a passive income stream to your business.

Setting up Your Autoresponder for Success!

How and what to write as you set up your autoresponder to generate transformation in your ideal clients - they'll soon know why you're the go-to expert in your niche.

Marketing Your Email Challenge

Your email challenge needs to be filled and in this module you'll learn the ways that you can fill your list with the right people.

Monetising Your Challenge

This module shows you where to add the monetisation aspects of your challenge - that's right - when you have the components in the right place, in the correct order you'll be able to use your challenge to generate passive income or an additional revenue stream in your business.

About Sarah & Kevin Arrow

We are not gurus, we're ordinary coaches and entrepreneurs like you.

Our working day is a lot like yours, only we have more time to read the books that we like, watch the sci-fi movies we love, and 6 hours of uninterrupted quality time with our daughters every single day.

We want you to know you're completely safe with us . We've been marketing our businesses online since 2006. We are not a here today, gone tomorrow guru out to make a quick buck, we passionately believe in helping other entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally. Our websites win awards, our marketing is recognised as influential in UK, Europe, and the U.S. You should be reassured that you are in safe hands, that your business will flourish when you start delivering your email challenges.

 What You’ll Get When You Join Niche List, Big Influence

5 action-packed training modules that you can access online at any time of the day or night, as well as the Facebook support questions where you can ask for our help if you get stuck

Worksheets, PDF summaries, guides checklists, homework, audio files and quizzes so you get the maximum possible benefit  from the course. Plus, for the first 30 days you'll get the amazing emails that will help you creating your own email marketing challenge!

As you start marketing your email marketing challenge you'll get increased visibility, more leads, and the additional revenue streams that are nice for any thriving business to have 

What People Say About Working With Us...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The product offers immense value, however, their support is legendary and so personal that you feel like you have them physically sitting by your side for the whole journey !

This program is SO much more than the title. The value Kevin and Sarah Arrow offer is so much more than this! The product offers immense value, however, their support is legendary and so personal that you feel like you have them physically sitting by your side for the whole journey ! This alone is totally priceless and worth far more than the price itself If you are sitting on the fence or at all undecided, get off the fence now! Get onboard. I heartily recommend the program to anyone that wants more profit, clients and authority in their business.

Steven J. Cole 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Bestselling Author of "How To Hire A Virtual Assistant"

Having Sarah on your team is well worth the investment. The steps I have taken with her support have been massive. The timescale it has taken is purely me. She is there on the facebook group to support, advise and console with as well as totally stretch each and every one of us. Loving it and the results achieved.

Michelle Poole

Is This Course Right for You?

Sadly Niche List Big Influence isn't for everyone...


  • You're a coach, author or entrepreneur who wants to grow Your business 
  • You're client focused, you want your clients to succeed because their success is important to you
  • You want to grow your influence rapidly and are not scared to put the work in
  • You genuinely care about your audience making a transformation
  • You love the idea of being able to serve more of your audience simultaneously and still have time to do the things you love


  • If you buy every shiny thing on the market and never do anything with it, this isn't for you.
  • If the thought of creating anything brings you out into hives, this isn't for you
  • You're scared of being successful and self-sabotage. If this is you, you won't like this program as it's geared towards making you influential in your niche
  • If you're not prepared to go through the training and do the work, you'd rather imagine unicorns and fairies doing the work for you, this really isn't for you.
  • Email marketing challenges are powerful, if you cannot use them  responsibly, this isn't for you
Gain More Influence, a Bigger List and a Best-Selling Book in Just 90 Days

Our action based guarantee takes away the risk of investing in Niche List, Big Influence. Eg. Try this online course risk-free for the next 14 days, and if you take action but do not get the results we've promised just send us a message and we'll refund your money, no questions asked and we'll part company as friends

We Want You To Get Results!

These bonus interviews share what you can do after your got your email list up and running, your best selling book etc. You won't be wondering what's next, because you'll know exactly what to do to continue growing your business

Access to a private Facebook Group

Got a question about the training? You have an all-access pass to Facebook support group where you can ask unlimited questions about the training, gain feedback and share your hopes and dreams with other like-minded people. 


Free Bonus Interviews

Ever completed a course and thought "Erm, what's next?" These exclusive bonus interviews will help you fight through your resistance, get more from your book and level up into a mastermind group.

Start Today! A Pipeline of Warm Leads Is Closer Than You Think!

Select the option that you think will benefit you and your business the most!

Email Only Package  £247

  • Just the emails...
  • 30 x Daily Emails so you know what to write and why to write it in your email marketing challenge

Niche List, Big Influence  £297

  • 5 training modules
  • Lifetime access to the membership area and all the upgrades as they happen
  • All of the PDFs, checklists, videos, mentioned above
  • Facebook Support Group
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Done For You 


  • 2 x 30 minute calls to target your ideal client and "get" your voice
  • 31 emails written and then loaded into your autoresponder
  • ePub version of your book ready to upload into Amazon
  • ​Your email headers, ebook cover and related images created and supplied to you
  • Marketing strategy for you to go forward with

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What "extras" do I need to make this program work?

How techy is this program to complete?

Will This Really Work For Me & My Business

How Long Will This Take To Implement?

Can You Do This For Me?

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